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Web Designer, Journalist

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Why do I care?

I agree, Climate Change is complex and I struggled to understand what it means to live in a world that is changing day by day. The topic seemed simply too complicated, overwhelming … and really frustrating.

The truth is, facts don't care about your feelings.

And Climate Change doesn’t care where you are from or what kind of car you drive.

CO2 Levels are not gonna stop rising just because you decided to retweet a post from Greenpeace.


No, but what you can do is take actions. And that is, why I am here.

As a student, it doesn’t seem possible to help. I’m not the one making the rules right now. What I can do though, is spread a message. Expose the facts, the real facts.

That means, telling people that recycling is not gonna save the polar bear if we continue to emit the amount of Carbon Dioxide we have in the last couple of years.

That means, talking to people, scientists, journalists, politicians and deniers, to learn as much as possible about the Global Threat.

That means, making information and data as assessable as possible so everybody can get informed.

That means, fighting for the right to know.

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