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jules pye

Photographer, Journalist

Hey there.

A word of warning: By the time you get to the end of this, you might think I hate animals.

To be perfectly clear: I don’t.

Anyway, I’m Jules Pye and originally from Britain and France and my favourite colour is blue.

Enough about myself, more about why I love, treasure and am incredibly grateful for being part of Generation Z.

What troubles me the most at the moment is the wide gap between humans and nature we have dug and drastically widened over the years. The natural environment that used to surround us and be part of our everyday lives is now something remote and distant. We used to have to go into the forest to collect firewood, now the closest we get to that is the monthly walk in the local park (or maybe even forest if you’re lucky). We used to have to rely on our intricate, vast and vital knowledge of what food could be found or hunted around us (e.g. which mushrooms were only edible once), now we rely on the incredibly misleading expiration and sell-by dates on packages to determine what to eat.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I am not saying we all have to live like cave men and women again, but this gap definitely has its dangerous drawbacks: It has led most people to fail to see how interconnected with, dependent on and simply just another part of nature we are. We are unaware that we need to bring the thorough, intense and extensive destruction of our planet to a halt, to avoid Mother Gaia having to kick our species out for being an uncooperative, rebellious and perilously greedy part of nature. And she will kick us out. One day the catastrophic feedback loops we have caused throughout uncountable natural systems and cycles will reach and wipe us out, because the gap we have created is only in our heads and there will be real consequences.

Unless drastic action starts now. Action that goes way beyond recycling or reducing the use of plastic straws and cups. Action not only for the sake of giving a hungry panda his bamboo back or saving drowning fluffy polar bears; more importantly for the sake of our survival. That is why the gap between nature and us is so dangerously blinding.

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