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Climate change is a wrecking ball that is on course

to smash through human civilisation.


The devastation that it will cause will be so deep and widespread that everyone will be hit, either directly or indirectly. 

Groucho Marx was said to have been so disturbed after reading an article about the effects of smoking tobacco that he gave up reading. 

We need to read, think, listen, protest, write, talk ... about climate change. ​

For the moment, for the sake of just a tiny segment of the economy (the fossil fuel industry) we are risking the whole economy. There might be some economic costs to switching our lives to a carbon neutral state, but those costs are dwarfed by not doing it. 


I am not a watermelon. Green on the outside, but deep communist red underneath. I am a human being with a profound concern for my family, my friends and the whole of human civilisation. I am a Philosophy teacher and a dad. The need for truth and honesty has never been more pressing. The science is clear, the technological solutions are there. We just need the awareness and the will to act. 


I believe that everyone has the Right to Know the truth about climate change. The truth about what happens if our eco-system goes over a tipping point and into catastrophic and cascading collapse. The truth that after 23 COP meetings we have never stabilised, let alone reduced emissions. The truth that we are far away from the actions and the legislation needed to tackle the problem - and yet society is not reacting with urgency. 


I think human beings are truly remarkable - we have shown ourselves capable of overcoming existential threats before - we can do it again. We have the creativity, the passion and the skills to do it. 


"If you think education is expensive, try ignorance". (Robert Orben)

matthew pye

Head of Team, Author

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