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This is everyone's project: realizing humanity's existential UN Objectives - Sustainable Development and Climate Stabilization - by informing the public of the science on the failed state of the Objectives, responsibility for failure, and actions required for success.

For all information - the science, the references, quality graphics and what you can do

- download the document: OurFutureUncompromisedScience.pdf


The official OurFutureUncompromised website


The information we want to have widespread


All politicians we approached and their replies to our demands

We have been emailing and phoning all the global institutions that will define out future. We are simply asking them to publish their main objectives - and clearly state their current objective failure to ensure a sustainable future for us.


Letter to the Officials

Dear Secretary General Guterres,


We are student leaders representing over 24,000 students from all over Europe, and as homo sapiens, we represent all the Peoples of the world. We are deeply troubled by some simple omissions below that we have observed that threaten all of our futures. Out of respect to young people, the truth, and the values of the United Nations we urgently need you to read the rest of this letter with integrity.  


All United Nations current reports and websites including the UN, UNEP, UNDP, UNESCO, IPCC, UNFCCC, UNDESA omit:


1. Humanity’s two essential, existential objectives, Sustainable Development1 (UN 1987) and Climate Stabilization2  (UN 1992);

2. the alarming failed status of both Objectives;

3. the vastly unequal national per capita responsibility for the failed status of both Objectives; and so allow 

4. UN reports to propose actions that are completely inadequate for Objective success, which will ensure catastrophic global warming and natural resource shortages resulting in global famines, pandemics, wars and nothing less than inevitable, imminent collapse of civilization.


To stop global collapse now with our future uncompromised and another 5,000 years of civilizations we ask that you take immediate action to prominently publish in your reports and on UN websites now:


1st the UN Sustainable Development Objective and the past, current and projected state we are in,

2nd the UN Climate Stabilization Objective and past, current and projected state we are in,

3rd National per capita responsibility for the status of the Objectives,

4th actions sufficient for Objective success (see below).


One might respond that the actions proposed are impossible because of political, economic and social “realities”. On these issues that concern humanity’s existence, regardless of how probable or improbable it is that the necessary action will be taken, we the Peoples of the United Nations have an absolute right to know the state of affairs, the scientific facts. Common knowledge and leadership can cause rapid, overwhelming support to act according to the reality of the “laws of nature”, thereby, overriding political, economic and social unrealities and thus avert collapse.


Therefore, we ask you to please publish immediately the science facts below in your reports and on your websites. And with respect to your high office and the importance of political transparency, we would kindly ask you to email us when you have done so.

the document attached to the email 

On our quest to publishing and making known information about climate change we approached many politicians regarding our demands leading to intense conversations in some cases: 

Secretary general of the United Nations and ex Portuguese Politician and diplomate, Antonio Guterres has striven for many right causes, preventing conflic but has failed in delivering some of the crucial data behind climate change.